The spider web is strethed with a well-baranced thin and strong thread. It distributes the power to try to escape in close contact with the prey. "SPIDER WEB"was born from this phenomenon. The dispersion of CNF(Cellulose Nano Fiber) was very difficult with conventional technology, but we succeeded in dispersing it with our own technology.We created the shape of the web in the nano world.


This "SPIDER WEB"has adhesive function.First of all,we developed an adhesive with strong adhesion. In addition,it has succeeded in showing various effects such as flame retardancy,water repellency,and anti-icing.

"We will spread CNF to the world with innovative technology."

FUJIKI will continue to use CNF for many people.And we will advancethe development of innovate produts and overturn the common sense so far.


Our developed products

Multi tack(Hot melt bond)

A hot melt adhesive that is good at strong adhesion of different materials and has less environmental impact that reduces the use of EVAresin to less htan half.

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Flame retardant additive

Phosphoric acid is not used!Just spray it directly on the wood or brush it,and the flame retardant effect(prevents early ignition and smoke)will appear.

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Functional CNF masterbatch for compounds

SPIDER WEB gives adhesion functionality to various resins.For example, it makes it possible to bond different material resins such as PP and PS.

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Hot wax coat

This product was born with reference to hot wax for snowboarding.It is a coat material with water repellent and anti-icing function.Fluorine is not used.

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Anti-icing paint

It promotes the melting of ice by increasing the water repellent effect and increasing the surface temperature,which prevents icing with two effects.

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Temporary waterproofing additive(Under development)

By kneading this additive into the mortar for building materials,It has a quick water repellent effect on the surface.

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About CNF

What is Cellulose Nano Fiber?


CNF Dispersion Matrix

Introduce of our own CNF distributed technology



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